Crosman 1399 Shoulder
Stock + Fatty Forearm Combo

This listing will allow you to modify your 1377 or 1322 pumper into a much more comfortable carbine. The shoulder stock simply screws right on in place of your hand grips.

The Fatty forearm is one of my most popular products. It reduced workload AND pinched fingers. It's more comfortable to hold. It matches the 1399 in color. Frankly, it's just the way to go.

The Fatty works best with the older style (discontinued Summer 2015) 1322 and 1377 (those NOT labeled P1322, P1377).

These pumpers have roll pins holding the forearm in place. Installation is simply driving out those roll pins, removing forearm, installing fatty with same roll pins.

If you have the new P1377 or P1322 (released Summer 2015 and clearly says P1322 or P1377), you will have to use the older style link arm (the metal arm the forearm mounts to) OR slightly countersink (partially drill) the forearm to accommodate the new screws. Either method works fine, according to several buyer reports.

I have the old style link arm and roll pins available separately.

No Longer Available