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Is this a plane website or an airgun website?

Q: Why is your logo an airplane and not something airgun related?

A: Well, I do sell one plane part. I have a small sister site at

But, like every other American boy, I was fascinated by, and owned, airguns as both an adolescent and teenager. But I never thought I'd be selling airgun parts as a grown man.

Several years ago, I was stationed in Texas for the US Army and began another hobby that would take up what little free time I had: Model planes and helicopters! I went full-tilt into this hobby, spending thousands of dollars on various RC plane and helicopter gear.

I had aspirations to start selling RC parts online and was surprised that this domain name was available, so I quickly scooped it up. However, I never did anything with it; it sat parked for approximately five years. But I didn't want to sell it or let it expire. I've always maintained that part of my success is how "Alliance Hobby" rolls off the tongue. It just sounds nice. If I ever move, what am I going to call it? Phoenix Hobby?

Anyhow, my interests in model aircraft eventually dissipated (losing a $1500 FPV plane in a corn field will do that to you) and I slowly found myself shooting airguns again. The first product I ever considered selling was a much cruder version of my Powerlet To Paintball Tank Adapters, after I designed one for my own gun. It quickly snowballed. First eBay, then Amazon. And finally, my own .com.

Thus, I never changed the logo, in honor of how this all started. In a way, without RC airplanes, I'd never be where I'm at today.

And, coming full circle, I ended up earning my pilot's license and upgraded from model aircraft to the real thing. I am now an Instrument Rated Private Pilot and have owned three small planes. They are photographed below.

Here's #3. Summer 2015.
A 1957 Cessna 172

This is #2, New Years Day 2015.
A 1959 Cessna 150.

And this is my Quicksilver MXL ultralight. Summer 2011.

Taking off in my ultralight with my daughter saying, "Bye bye" at the end.