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Mail & other payment methods.
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I do not accept Paypal. End of story. You can pay with a Paypal Debit / Credit card, but I don't use Paypal over here at all.

No credit card? I have many options to choose from.

1) I can send you an invoice through email. You may receive one of these if your card is declined when I go to run it.

2) Cash App, Venmo, Zelle & Wise (formerly TransferWise)

2a) International buyers. I guess you guys use Wise a lot. I now have it set up under

3) Mail your payment (cash, check or money order). If you are going to send cash or a money order, I highly recommend Signature Confirmation or at least Delivery Confirmation on the envelope since you cannot track cash or a money order easily or at all. You can at least see if a personal check has been cashed. You don't have to email me telling me you've done this, but it helps.

4) For mailing, please fill out and print the form and mail it to:

      36 S ARCH AVE UNIT 2283
      ALLIANCE OH 44601-6315


Quantity Description (be specific!) Subtotal Total





Grand Total:

Please click here to open the mailing form in full screen.
You don't have to use this form. If your order is simple, just write me a note
and include it in the envelope. As long as the price is correct, I'll ship your order.