STOP! READ! Please do not email me asking for your tracking number unless you've already read this.

If I don't respond to you in 24 hours or less, please try again. I *will* respond to all emails.

Please direct all questions to Many answers depend on your location, so please let me know which country you live in.

Please email me if at all possible. If you must call, I'm at 330-356-8090.

Alliance Hobby is (most of the time) a one man show. I run the website, I mill the parts in the shop, I pack the orders, I answer the emails.

If you email me, I *will* respond to you, normally within 24 hours.

No emails go unanswered (unless they are purposely belligerent).

I don't offer phone sales or support, except in very rare circumstances. I don't mind offering advice (in fact, I love it), but I can really only do it through email, due to the convenience of answering them when able.