Expedited Handling & Shipping Service
On a Friday in April 2014, at about 10am, I had a lady call me that needed a 13xx Screw Kit as soon as possible. I explained that normal shipping would, with 99% surety, have it there on Monday. She asked if I could send it faster.

I advised that for $20, it could be sent Overnight. She agreed and paid the fee. By 11am, less than an hour later, the parcel was packed and dropped off at the Post Office. 22 hours later it was in her hands...

I'm not Amazon, but I try damn hard to satisfy my customers.


  • Domestic packages, if they're under 16oz, will ship USPS First Class Mail.
  • If you desire faster* shipping, you can click the $5 Expedited Service button below to expedite your order.
  • Not only will this guarantee expedited service on my part, but your parcel will also ship Priority Mail.
  • If your parcel was already going to ship Priority (heavier than 16oz), the $5 fee will simply expedite my handling (packing and shipping) of the parcel.
  • *First Class vs Priority: Not all is what it seems. The Post Office will try to tell you that Priority is 1-3 day service, while First Class is unpredictable.
  • Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have had countless First Class packages arrive earlier than Priority. The new "guaranteed delivery date" on Priority service is a joke and is accurate maybe 40% of the time.
  • However, Priority does now include an automatic $50 in insurance and typically *is* faster to remote areas of the country, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.
  • Also, while I try to get all parcels out within 24 hours, the extra $5 puts you at the front of the line. Custom orders (anything that required fabrication or powdering in the shop) and out of stock items are excluded and you will be refunded the $5 if that situation arises.
  • The $5 upcharge is completely optional. I ship fast and I ship with tracking numbers 100% of the time, but I know some folks need their packages quickly (upcoming matches, a repair that needs done NOW, etc).


  • If you desire OVERNIGHT service, you need to call me at 330-356-8090. I probably won't answer the phone, but leave a voicemail indicating Overnight Service and I will call you back immediately.
  • I check my email several times per day, so you can try that, too.
  • Overnight service can be had relatively cheaply ($25) if:
  • It's before 4pm my time (Eastern) and...
  • Your product will fit in an approximate 10" x 12" padded envelope.
$5 Expedited Service - Totally Optional

Overnight Service