NEW!! Crosman 2240 - 10" .22 Barrel
With Proper Flat Spot For Front Sight

  • One of the most popular upgrades for a Crosman 2240 is a longer barrel.
  • You have plenty of options, but the length that has the best weight balance, looks the nicest and is the all around "best choice" is the 10" .22.
  • Unfortunately, in the past, that barrel had a hard time accommodating the friction-fit front sight because that barrel had a rabbeted muzzle (like this).
  • The typical plastic front sights requires that flat spot.
  • I am now offering 10" .22 barrels with the rabbet removed and the flat spot milled onto the top.
  • All barrels will be turned, faced, crowned and notched.
  • The exposed steel will be coated in black epoxy. It won't match the rest of the blueing, but it will be covered by the sight anyhow.
  • Alternatively, you can have the entire barrel mirror-shine polished, too.

Milled 10" .22 Barrel
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Milled 10" .22 Barrel
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