Crosman 2240 to 2250 Conversion Kit

If you have a Crosman 2240 and you'd like to upgrade to the discontinued 2250, then this is the kit for you.

The upgrade requires full disassembly of your 2240. No instructions are included, but I can help you if you email me.

The two models are very modular and feature dozens of the same part numbers. As such, only a handful of part numbers are needed for the carbine upgrade. They are included in this kit and are as follows:

14" .22 Barrel
2250 Main Tube
2250 Piercing Stem
2250 Forearm
2250 Barrel Band + Hardware
1399 Shoulder Stock (optionally available in this listing)

2240 to 2250 Conversion
No Shoulder Stock
FREE USA Shipping

2240 to 2250 Conversion
With Shoulder Stock
FREE USA Shipping

International Buyers Only!
$10 International Shipping Required!

By default, the kit comes with a 14" .22 barrel. If you want something different,
please enter it below. You can even switch to .177 (I'll send a .177 bolt, too).


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