Rifled 24" Crosman Barrels

  • These are genuine 24" Crosman barrels for the 13xx and 22xx line of pistols and rifles.

  • Will fit the 2240, AS2250XT, 2250B, 2289 and 2260.

  • They will also fit the 1377 & 1322 providing you modify the barrel band. It will need drilled out to accommodate the wider diameter. An alternative is to use a 2289 barrel band which is already widened at the factory.

  • Caliber conversions will also require the proper caliber bolt and bolt o-ring.

  • Barrels are available in OEM "gun blue" or fully polished.

  • Polished barrels are very shiny and striking. They are similar to chrome, stainless or nickel products. It is single-handedly the easiest way to add a custom look to your gun!

Note!!! Certain 24" barrels are currently shipping with a "milled flat" on the top of the barrel, a few inches up from the breech. This "flat" rests right at the 2250 barrel band location. Otherwise, it will be visible. You MUST be okay with this visible flat. All 24" .177 have the flat, some 24" .22 have them. Email if questions.

Photos of the "milled flat".

Crosman 24" Barrels
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Crosman 24" Barrels
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Polish My Barrel
(close to a mirror shine)