Reusable Feathered & Hard Fin
Airgun Darts in .177 & .22
(also called Bolts & Flechettes)

Feathered .177 - 10 darts per order.
Feathered .22 - 10 darts per order.
Hard Fin .177 - 12 darts per order.
Hard Fin .22 - 10 darts per order.

These darts are all kinds of fun and economical, too! They are easily retrieved
and reusable when plinking into the right (soft) target.

Random colors allow multiple shooters.

For the feathered darts, I recommend shortening the fletching a bit with a pair
of scissors and/or taking a lighter to the feathers to reduce the errant fibers.

Note that you may have to muzzle load these, depending on your air gun.

Airgun Darts - $14.99
FREE USA Shipping

Airgun Darts - $14.99
$5 International Shipping