Your Site is from the 90's, man!

If you missed the bold black-on-red text both to your left and dead-center on the index page, you'll see that I am moving from Paypal (the orange Add To Cart buttons) to a new payment processor.

All the Paypal buttons are dead and you can't pay that way. The simple gray buttons (as can be found on the Rebuilds page and elsewhere) are working.

I am slowly moving my site, each listing page, to the new buttons, but it's going to take some time. If you need to purchase something that's currently a Paypal button, just email me ( instead and I'll bill you manually.

You're right, it is!

Like my philosophy says, I believe in KISS. The guns I work on are simple. My machine shop is simple. I drive a base model minivan. The plane I fly is 60 y/o and has more tractor parts in it than I care to admit.

This site is no different. Big, clear photographs. Plain, no nonsense descriptions.

And a simple shopping cart with no fluff.

The cart is pretty basic. You find what you want, determine if it's shipping inside or outside the USA and click accordingly.

If you're buying a lot of stuff all at once AND you're outside the USA, the shipping will add up fast. Tell you what.... get to a fair shipping price (say, $15) and you can select FREE USA Shipping on the rest of your items.

So, a $300 order may have $60 in shipping. Forget that. Adjust your items until you're paying about $15 in shipping by selecting the FREE USA Shipping options on most of your stuff.

I review every order, so as long as you're being fair, I'll be fair.