Do you have customer service, or what?

Q: You don't have a phone number listed. Really?

A: Well, I used to. It's easy to find if you look for it. The phone number is still on my business card and it's also in the PDF's on the Instructions page.

But the reason why I'm dissuading customers from calling me is, unfortunately, very simple.
I flat-out do not have the time to handle phone calls any more.

All I do, all day long, is custom airgun work and pack orders. Seven days a week. I'm *that* busy. I also have a marginal personal life, that currently surrounds my wonderful 2 y/o daughter and I'm not neglecting her because of this job.

Sadly, very sadly, I can't handle phone calls any more. I am more than willing to provide sales, service and support, but it has to be through email. I understand that this will turn off certain buyers that demand one-on-one telephone service and, while I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment, I currently cannot provide that.

I'm in front of the computer more than half the day processing orders, so emails are typically answered very quickly. You'll just have much better luck emailing me than calling me.

If I lose your sale in that regard, I'm sorry, but please understand where I'm coming from.


Q: I'm calling you anyhow.

A: You will receive a voicemail greeting explaining that you are free to leave a message and also your email address. I will review your message and email you back as soon as I can.