New Tactical-Style "P" Grips
for 2240, 1322, 1377

These are new tactical-style plastic grips shipping on the new Crosman 1322/1377. Brown or black available.

They are more aerodynamic, ergonomic and comfortable.

The hand grips are also compatible with the 2240, 2250, etc.
The forearm is ONLY compatible with the 1322/1377.

The listing is for all three photographed grips, plus screws, but if you're installing this on a 2240, the forearm will go unused.

The forearm no longer uses the annoying roll pins and instead uses quicker-to-install screws. Awesome!


"P" Grips 3-Piece Kit
FREE USA Shipping

"P" Grips 3-Piece Kit
$10 International Shipping