12g CO2 Powerlet Pouches!
Pellet Belt Pouches, too!

Powerlets NOT Included

I have three different Powerlet pouches available.

The first is the Shoulder Stock pouch. It will fit the Crosman 1399 Shoulder Stock and, as such, can be used with the 2240, 2250, 2300 series and 2400 series.

It will also fit the 2260 wood stock. This pouch holds five Powerlets.

Next is the belt pouch, which holds 10 Powerlets and is fastened as you see it in the photos.

Finally is the bandolier belt, which holds 25 Powerlets.

All are made of durable Nylon and securely hold your Powerlets in place.

Powerlets are NOT included, but are available here.

Also available is the standard Crosman Pellet Pouch.
Fits on your belt. Holds up to 500 pellets.

Crosman Powerlet Pouches
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Crosman Pellet Belt Pouch