Max Flow Transfer Port Bushing For Marauder Pistol

The OEM Prod Port is restricted to a 0.078" ID flow. My Port is opened up to a whopping 0.140" ID.

Static volume of air in OEM bushing = 0.00593 cubic inches.

Static volume of air in Max Flow bushing = 0.019 cubic inches.

Result = 3.2x more volume in my bushing.

More flow = more power.

In the third photo, see results from an unbiased, independent shooter. He bought the port and conducted a better test than I ever could. His results kind of blew me away.

On his first pellet, 21 FPE vs 16 FPE. On his last, 14 FPE vs 12.92 FPE.

That's 756 FPS vs 657 FPS and 609 FPS vs 585 FPS, respectively.

Does not fit Rifle. One bushing per sale.

Prod Max Flow Bushing
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Prod Max Flow Bushing
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