Crosman Pumper Main Tube + Internals
1322 (black) & 1377 (brown)

One of my most popular items on eBay and Amazon are my 13xx Main Tube + Internals.

They include what you see in the photo: the main tube, barrel band, the pump arm, all the tube internals, the hammer, pin, spring and hammer cover (not in the photo, but definitely included).

Your options are:

  • 1322 MT+I. Tube is engraved with factory 1322 markings, black plastic forearm.

  • 1377 MT+I. Tube is engraved with factory 1377 markings, brown plastic forearm.

  • If you specifically desire 1322 with brown, you'll have to let me know as I'll need to separate a tube (may arrive disassembled, as well).

  • If you specifically desire a 1377 black, I occasionally have these in the PC77 variant (completely identical and compatible).


Pumper Main Tube + Internals
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Pumper Main Tube + Internals
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