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Right Hand Aluminum Breech Kit

.22 will fit: 2240, 2250, 2260, 1322, 2289 and the .177 will fit: 1377.
If you have the older rear cocking knob, this may fit, but will not be fully functional. Email me.

March 2024 Update: The aluminum breeches now ship with a steel "no button" bolt cover, especially useful if you want a magnetized bolt.

Q: Does it have dovetails for mounting a scope?
A: Yes!

Q: Where is the front screw location?
A: It's in the normal "front location" for maximum compatibility with all Crosman models.

Q: This is amazing. Do you have it in left-hand?
A: Yep!

Q: Both calibers are available?
A: Yes, to change between .177 and .22 is only a matter of swapping bolts (though only one bolt is included per sale).

Q: Will the one-piece brass bolts found on the plastic breeches work?
A: No, you need a two-piece bolt.

Q: Will your stainless steel bolt work?
A: Yes!

This breech has several notable differences from the Crosman Steel Breech Kit:

  • Advantage: Supports the standard rear sight, which is included. Also supports scopes and other 11mm mounts.

  • Disadvantage: Does not support the Crosman LPA MIM sight.

  • Advantage: Two set screws to hold the barrel in place (vs one screw on the Crosman kit).
  • Advantage: Lightweight aluminum with a much smoother finish than the Crosman steel bluing.

aluminum breeches now ship with a "no button" bolt cover


Aluminum Right Hand Breech

Magnetized Bolt Add On