The Super Short Steel Breech
For Crosman 2240 2250 2260 1322 1377 P1322 P1377

  • There are two standard lengths of Crosman Steel Breeches: Normal and Short.

  • Well, now there's Super Short. Coming in at 3.75", it's the shortest, lightest steel breech you can find.

  • This is a "front screw" steel breech, so it's compatible on all main tubes, including the pumpers 1377 and 1322.

  • They replace your plastic breech on your 22xx line of pistols and rifles (1322 2240 2250 2260 2400).

  • They are solid steel construction and infinitely more durable than the plastic breech that came on your gun.

  • They feature a 3/8" dovetail for mounting a scope.

  • The included Crosman instructions are notoriously inadequate, so I include my own 4-page printout.

These photos show the three lengths of breeches available. This listing is obviously for the shortest one, at the bottom.

Super Short Steel Breech
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Super Short Steel Breech
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