Adjustable Solid Brass Trigger for
Crosman 2260, Benjamin Maximus or Discovery

This is a solid brass trigger, to replace your OEM plastic trigger. Further, it is adjustable in two places with included set screws and springs.

This is a must-have upgrade for the Discovery. The OEM triggers are so bulky, uncomfortable and tight that you will never get an accurate grouping.

Triggers can be powder-coated to any color. Which is nice because brass has a tendency to tarnish.

My 50 yard groups have shrunk dramatically, just with this upgrade.

Full instructions for removing the stock and replacing the trigger are included.

There is an amazing YouTube video on the brass trigger install, too.

Want me to do the upgrade for you? Shoot me an email. You will be pleased or your money back.

Solid Brass Trigger

The triggers can be powder coated. Here is a Copper Vein trigger...

Silver Base Powdered Trigger

Silver Base Powdered Trigger

Red Metallic Flake 2260 Trigger

Awesome Install Video (click for full screen)

2260 / Discovery / Maximus Brass Trigger
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2260 / Discovery / Maximus Brass Trigger
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