Crosman Shoulder Stock Quick Release Kit

This listing is for a small spring and bushing that allows any Crosman model that accepts the 1399 Shoulder Stock to be quickly detachable.

The spring and bushing utilize the otherwise empty hole on the backside of the grip frame. If you look at your grip frame, you'll see a hole in front of the rearmost screw that holds the frame to the gas tube. As long as you have that hole, this will work. Don't have that hole? Drill one!

Anyhow, instead of having the two screws that hold the shoulder stock in place via the grip screw location, this is a spring-activated bushing that holds the entire thing in place.

If you've ever had a 2289 Backpacker, this is the same setup. Note that while the shoulder stock that comes with the 2289 does NOT have grip screw holes for this very reason, you can now use the normal 1399 shoulder stock with OR without the grip screws.

What this means is that if you have a 2240, 2250 (or even a 2260) and also the 1322 or can now quickly detach the shoulder stock with no tools required.

And, obviously, these are replacement parts for the OEM setup as found on the 2289.

Note that in personal testing, without the grip screws in place, the shoulder stock does scoot around a bit. I've found that often even WITH grip screws the shoulder stock still rotates.

Shimming the gap between the frame and the shoulder stock with tape helps keep things tight. Also a bit of door weatherstripping from Lowe's / Home Depot pressed in the notch in the bottom of the shoulder stock works great.

This listing is for the spring and bushing ONLY.

Quick Release Hardware Kit
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Quick Release Hardware Kit
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