• A Brass Screw Kit for the 2240 1322 and 1377. It is a partial kit that includes all screws EXCEPT the Front Breech Screw and Valve Retention Screw (brass is too soft for these critical areas).

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This listing is for a brass screw kit for the Crosman 2240 1322 and 1377. It will also partially fit the 2289 2250 and 2260.

The following screws are included in the brass kit.

Rear Breech Screw - Long - Plastic/Aluminum Breech
Rear Breech Screw - Short - Steel Breech
Rear Grip Frame Screw
Front Grip Frame Screw
Grip Screws x2
Trigger Cover Screws x3
Barrel Band & Steel/Aluminum Breech Set Screws x4
Hex Wrench for Set Screws

The following screws are excluded and unavailable:

2240 Valve Retention Screw
Front Breech Screw (brass is too soft for this anyhow)

Brass Screw Kit (all guns)
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Brass Screw Kit (all guns)
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