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Solid Brass Barrel Bands for Crosman 2240, 2260, 2300 series and Discovery (2250 coming soon and 1322 1377 2289 bands here)

Available in two widths: The OEM width at 0.50" and the thinner one in the photos below, which is 0.375".

I can ship these with only one set screw (bottom location) or both, like from the factory.

If opting for only one set screw (for a cleaner look), rigidity will be reduced, but it's negligible if you're using a good steel breech. The band and gun will look a lot cleaner this way, though.



3/8" Thin band, no top set screw.

3/8" Thin band, shows the set screws.

OEM 1/2" Width with a bit of optional styling I added as an afterthought.
Your band won't have this, or any other bling, unless requested.

A buyer requested more styling, so I made this. Again, bands come PLAIN, unless you request
(during checkout) that you want styling. There is no extra charge for styling.

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Olaf W - Germany - April 11 2024

  • Good Morning,

    thank you for the quick delivery. All parts [he bought a barrel and brass band from me] are as expected, great.

    I builtit until late in the evening with great results.

    Best regards