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1377 / 1322 Metal Barrel Bands
For 1377 1322 P1377 P1322

For years, one of my most popular requests has been a metal barrel band for the pumper line.

These bands (this listing) fit the 10" OEM-length barrels as found on the 1377 and 1322.

  • If you have a 2289 / Drifter -or- if you're adding a longer barrel to a 1377 / 1322, you want the 2289 Metal Band.
  • Again, if you're installing a longer barrel on a 1377 / 1322, you want the 2289 Metal Band.
  • One more time: If you're installing a longer barrel on a 1377 / 1322, you want the 2289 Metal Band.

These 13xx bands are available with, or without, the front sight post. I do not recommend the front sight post, though. It breaks up the clean, smooth look. But I'll do it, if you order it.

If you're electing not to use the front sight post, you should have a red dot, scope or similar installed. There is no exposed hole if you select no front sight post. It's a cleaner look.

A steel breech (or anything other than the plastic breech) is highly recommended for rigidity's sake.

Available in aluminum and brass. Two styles available. A more plain "racetrack" style and a sexy contoured style. Photos below.

The stainless steel roll pin, shoulder bolts and clevis pins are an optional purchase. Otherwise, you'll reuse your existing roll pin.

A brass shoulder bolt is also available. There are no brass roll or clevis pins, though.

If you want an all-brass kit, choose the brass band and brass shoulder bolt.

Related Kits

A batch of various 13xx / 2289 band styles.

Racetrack-Style Flat Black and Red Stardust up front.


Racetrack style, without front sight post.

Racetrack style, with front sight post.

Threaded Silencer Band with a custom extra-tall front sight post.

Aluminum Contoured style

Brass Contoured Style

Brass & Aluminum Contoured Style

Contoured Style, Flat Black Powder, Front Sight Post

Older design, but shows Flat Black powder on a Smoothed Main Tube and band, for reference.

Older design, but shows my Red Stardust powder, for reference.

13xx Metal Barrel Band


Add Front Sight Post

Add Stainless Roll Pin

Add Shoulder Bolt or Clevis Pin

Powder Coat Band

Choose color from Portfolio
Add Matching Solid Brass Hammer Cover


Jeff P

Idaho August 7 2023
  • Hello

    just put the order in Thanks for your HELP i will tell everybody i know about alliance hobby

    Brass band and some other goodies.