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Smooth & Unmarked. With caps or without.

I am now offering the entire line of Crosman guns that I support with smooth main tubes.

That's the CO2 line (2240, 2250 and 2260) and the pumper line (1322, 1377, P1322, P1377 and 2289).

Q: What do you mean by marked vs smooth?

A: Crosman ships their main tubes with deep engraving on the side, commonly called "lawyer lettering". It typically contains the model #, caliber and a legal release disclaimer (shoot safely, etc, etc). Smooth tubes don't have any of that. They look like unfinished pieces of steel (with, of course, the proper dimensions and all holes drilled, tapped, etc).

Optionally, they can be powder coated, too.

All the smooth tubes with the exception of the factory-shipped, 2240-length (2300S and T) are more expensive due to me having to work them myself.

All tubes ship mirror-shine polished like the four photos immediately below.

Smooth, Polished 2260 Main Tube

Smooth, Polished 2260 Main Tube

Smooth, Polished 2250 Main Tube

Smooth, Polished 2250 Main Tube

Smooth, Polished 1377 / 1322 Main Tube

Smoothed 13xx tube, Flat Black powder.

Smooth CO2 Tubes in Brass Powder

Smooth 2300T Tube in Copper Vein Powder

Smooth 2300T Tube in Copper Vein Powder

Smooth 2250 Tube in Silver Vein Powder

Smooth 2260 Tube & Caps in Silver Sparkle Powder

User submitted photo.

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Smoothed Main Tubes
$34.99 - $49.99

 Smooth Main Tubes and Caps
$49.99 - $69.99

Includes the hammer cover and piercing stem on CO2.
Includes the hammer cover on pumpers.

Smooth Main Tubes and Caps and Internals
$99.99 - $129.99

This is everything. Your tube-to-order, caps AND internals.
Valve, Hammer, Springs, etc. 

Powder Coat Tube (and caps, if ordered)

See Portfolio for available colors.


Mike S - Scotland - March 20 2024

  • Hi there.

    I am just letting you know that I received the new Crosman tube [and grips] and it is fitted and working nicely.

    Next job wll be to fit a longer barrel.

    Photo enclosed for you


    smoothed, powdered main tube, solid aluminum grips

Peter - UK - May 26 2023

  • Hi Nick,
    Just letting you know it [2240 smooth brass tube] arrived safe, looks great, I'm going to place another order next week.
    Have a great day.