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1377 / 1322 Threaded Barrel Bands for Silencers
For 1377 1322 P1377 P1322 Drifter 2289

Averaging about two emails per week for years, people asking for these. No idea why it took me so long to make them.

Solid aluminum or solid brass barrel bands for the 13xx pumper line, with threads up front for silencers. If you're looking for silencer adapters that slide onto barrels (like for the 2240, etc), go here.

These 13xx bands are available with, or without, the front sight post. I do not recommend the front sight post, though. It breaks up the clean, smooth look. But I'll do it, if you order it.

If you're electing not to use the front sight post, you should have a red dot, scope or similar installed. There is no exposed hole if you select no front sight post. It's a cleaner look.

A steel breech (or anything other than the plastic breech) is highly recommended for rigidity's sake.

The stainless steel roll pin, shoulder bolts and clevis pins are an optional purchase. Otherwise, you'll reuse your existing roll pin.

A brass shoulder bolt is also available. There are no brass roll or clevis pins, though.

If you want an all-brass kit, choose the brass band and brass shoulder bolt.

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David M

Maine June 10 2023
  • Good morning Nick and greetings from Maine.

    I received the final piece of the puzzle the other day and now my conversion is complete. I had no idea when I bought the Crosman, that I could take a $60 piece of shit and turn it into a $500 show piece.

    I don't consider myself "mechanically inclined", taking things apart is not the problem. The reverse isn't true. I watched your videos and a few others and just worked slowly and methodically. Much to my surprise, the Crosman actually worked when I was done. Boy did it work! So what's in it?

    Backside Kit, Threaded brass barrel band, Triple pack, Brass bolt and bolt handle, New hammer, Cherry grips and forend. Topped with an Sig Sauer red dot sight and a Huggett moderator. When I fired it with the moderator on, I thought there was something wrong because I could hardly hear anything. WOW!

    Thank you for such beautiful workmanship and good instructions! The only thing I want to do is replace the OEM piston and valve, which I'll do in the near future. Thank you so much again and have a great summer.

    David M