2289 Metal Barrel Bands
For Crosman Drifter / 2289 and 1322 1377 P1322 P1377 with longer barrels

For years, one of my most popular requests has been a metal barrel band for the pumper line.

The 2289 bands (metal or plastic) are required if you are adding a longer barrel to your 1322 or 1377 (wherein you're basically building a 2289).

Your 1322 / 1377 comes with a 10" barrel. Anything longer and you need a 2289 band.

Aluminum is ready now. Brass is coming soon. Stainless steel probably after that.

Aluminum is ready to ship. You can order brass now, but will be subject to a potential two week delay.

If you want one without the set screw holes, or have another idea, email me.

The set screws are included.

The stainless steel roll pin, shoulder bolts and clevis pins are an optional purchase.

2289 Aluminum Barrel Band
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2289 Brass Barrel Band
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Add Stainless Roll Pin

Add Shoulder Bolt or Clevis Pin